5 Successful Career Paths That Don’t Require A College Degree

Finding a career that allows you to enjoy yourself while being successful without a college degree may seem challenging in today’s society and economy. However, with a bit of persistence and dedication to perfecting your craft, it is possible to find a career path that allows you unlimited earning potential without having to obtain a degree. Knowing your options is a way to get the motivation you need to begin your own journey to success.


Starting your very own business is a way to build a successful career without requiring a college degree. When you are the CEO of a company, you have the final say in the overall direction of the business and where you want to take it. Whether you start a local business or a company online, being your own boss is a great way to build any level of success you desire.

Social Media Management and Marketing

Working in social media management and marketing does not always require a college degree, especially if you have experience and proof of your skills. Knowing how to properly manage brands, promote them and share content with users is a way to find a position in many different companies that are expanding into the online world.


If you have the ability to program everything from websites to mobile applications, a college degree is not necessary to get started in this high-paying career. Many companies today are seeking out programmers who have the skills to develop applications and computer-based tools, with or without degrees. By building up your own portfolio and showcasing your experience and skills it is possible to land a job as a programmer just about anywhere today, even internationally.

Web and Graphic Design

It is possible to work as a web and graphic designer full-time or even as a freelancer when you do not have a college education or degree. When you stay current with the latest trends in web and graphic design it is much easier to land projects and to find new clients who are interested in your work. Launching an online presence, building a website to showcase your portfolio and reaching out to potential companies you want to work for is a way to get started in this career. You can begin building your portfolio as a web and graphic designer by reaching out to personal contacts or even joining online communities to find projects that you can bid to work on based on your hourly rate and experience.


Running your very own blog is another career option that can allow you to work from home and on your own time. Although it can be difficult to build a blog’s popularity, with enough time and dedication you can grow the number of virtual followers you have to ensure you are getting as much exposure as possible at any given time. When you want to launch a blog of your own, it is important to consider the audience you want to reach and the type of content, services or products you plan to promote. Selecting a niche blog is highly recommended if you have specific keywords you want to target for SEO (search engine optimization) purposes.

The more informed you are about careers that do not require a degree, the easier it is to obtain your dream job at any time in your life.