10 Awesome Job Ideas For History Lovers

Many people love history but have no idea how to make a career out of it. They look at it as more of a hobby and call themselves history buffs. However, you can make money in history. Here are 10 awesome jobs for history lovers!

1. Archivist

You could be an archivist in a library or a historical society building. Your job would involve documenting, cataloging, and protecting all ancient documents pertaining to the people and places throughout the history of the town or region served by your archives. You would then make those documents available to the public and help visitors to find and use the documents they need in their own research.

2. Town Historian
Many towns have a town historian. This is particularly true for towns with a long history. Many of the New England towns have a town historian who is appointed by the city and it’s an official post. Other places have a town historian only if someone is interested in being that person. The town historian is responsible for knowing about all aspects of the town and its people, keeping old records preserved and in order, and helping people who are doing research on the history of the town and/or its people.

3. Historical Tour Guide
The world is full of fascinating historical sites and areas. Many of these places can be seen and understood on one’s own. However, plenty of them require a tour guide. The guide’s job is to inform the public about the place they are visiting and its history while keeping the area safe and protected from inappropriate behavior by guests. Historic houses and ancient battlefields have a big need for tour guides. For example, you could be a tour guide for a historic home from the colonial era in New England or a guide for one of the many ancient Native sites or Civil War battlefields in Oklahoma.