Six Interesting Career Paths Biology Majors Can Take

With a curriculum that demands the exploration of fundamental questions concerning life on earth, biology has become a major that tends to attract hard-working and curious students enthralled by the stimulating requirements of the field. As might be expected from an area of study that deals with problems concerning human and animal life, a major in biology can lead to a wonderful set of challenging career paths for students, while offering a strong hiring incentive to employers interested in taking on dedicated and intelligent workers. Here are just a few of the most interesting career paths that biology majors can take.

1. Physician

While physicians work very hard and make many personal sacrifices in their work, theirs is a career that allows for an immense number of opportunities to help others in need. Physicians are often there for their patients at times of great stress, a career quality leading many practitioners to dedicate their lives to the art of medicine and the pursuit of excellence in the field. For a biology major, a career as a doctor can often be a natural choice: The study of medicine is at heart about the healthy maintenance of human life, and many doctors find that their jobs provide immense personal satisfaction.

2. Dentist

Doctors who specialize in dentistry find that the benefits are often numerous; pay and hours are good, and the field is among the most trusted in the world. Biology majors play a key role in filling the ranks of the nation’s dental schools, and many students of biology find that the major perfectly prepares them for the rigorous nature of dentistry and its many challenges.


3. Biostorage Worker

A cutting-edge area of the workforce that has made great strides in pushing forward health research, the field of biostorage has a high demand for workers who can maintain biological samples in accordance with high ethical standards. Since biology majors learn much about the life-cycle of cells and the best conditions for organisms to function, the knowledge they’ve gained through their years of study will be brought to the forefront in this challenging and exciting career.

4. Nurse

One of the world’s most respected careers, nursing is not for the faint of heart. While the hours can be long and stress levels high, a career path in nursing presents opportunities for biology majors to help others in profound ways. Nurses can make their patients feel at ease when those patients are at their most vulnerable, and many practitioners within the field find that the rewards of offering help and assurance to those in need makes theirs an extraordinarily meaningful career.


5. Biotechnologist

For biology majors looking to make career strides at the forefront of research, jobs in biotechnology can be as

strong pay and an abundance of jobs, biotechnology can be one of the best options available for biology majors entering the present economy.

6. Zookeeper

The dream career of many students, a job as a zookeeper can be one of the most enjoyable ways to mix work with a biology major’s interests. By helping with and discovering the best ways to assist with the care of a myriad number of animal species, zookeepers not only provide a role of great value to society but are also able to mix fun with work in profound and often moving ways.