10 High Paying Jobs That Don’t Require A College Degree

While one’s earning potential usually increases with a college degree, people can still earn a good salary without attending college. Nowadays, many people are skipping college due to the troubled economy. Some people find that entering the workforce earlier makes more financial sense than spending a fortune on college. People have no need to rack up student loan debt when they can earn great pay by applying for a job straight out of high school.

1. Transportation, Storage or Distribution Manager

These workers manage budgets, direct procurement and set polices. They can work at railroads or shipping facilities for the federal, state or local government. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average annual salary for a transportation, storage or distribution manager is $80,210.

2. First-line Supervisor of Police or Detectives

A first-line supervisor is in charge of coordinating criminal investigations, training staff members and overseeing various police operations. These supervisors often have titles such as chief of police, lieutenant, commander or detective sergeant. The average annual salary of a first-line supervisor is $78,260.

3. Administrative Services Manager

An administrative services manager coordinates support services, hires staff, buys supplies and oversees budgets. Most of these managers work in the construction or healthcare industry. They earn an average annual salary of $77,890.

4. Nuclear Power Reactor Operator

Nuclear power reactor operators are in charge of running nuclear power plants safely. An average day for an operator includes checking for problems and monitoring the power system closely. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, nuclear power reactor operators earn an average salary of $75,650. To become an operator, people must earn a license from the Nuclear Regulatory Commission.

5. Elevator Installation or Repairman

These workers install, maintain and repair elevators. Besides elevators, they also perform the same tasks on escalators, lifts and moving walkways. Some people refer to them as elevator constructors or elevator mechanics. On average, they earn $70,910 per year.

6. Power Distributor or Dispatcher

Power distributors and dispatchers are in charge of the systems that distribute electrical power. While working as a power plant operator, one must perform routine checks to ensure that the equipment is working properly. This job is difficult but pays an average annual salary of $68,900.

7. Detective or Criminal Investigator

Detectives and criminal investigators conduct investigations when someone violates a federal, state or local law. Those who wish to become a detective or criminal investigator should have excellent critical thinking skills. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, these workers earn a median annual wage of $68,820.

8. Fashion Designer

A fashion designer sketches designs and gives people instructions on how to make the designs into real clothing. Fashion designers also spend a lot of time picking out fabrics, patterns and colors. The average fashion designer earns $64,530 per year.

9. Business Operations Specialist

Working as a business operations specialist requires people to pay attention to detail. This job involves analyzing operations, identifying customer needs, implementing changes and creating reports. Those who work as a business operations specialist earn an average annual salary of $62,450.

10. Media and Communication Equipment Worker

Media and communication equipment employees usually work in the radio or television industry. They set up, operate and monitor digital equipment during broadcasts. On average, media and communication equipment employees earn $61,680 per year.

Earning a good salary without attending college is possible. Instead of requiring applicants to have a degree, many places provide on-the-job training. Some people can earn a high salary right after high school. Besides that, people can also earn a high salary by gaining work experience in their field of interest.