How Gigwalk works

Looking for additional means to earn money used to be a dizzying and worrisome experience but the growth of the mobile phone has certainly done a lot to ease one’s concerns in this area. Take Gigwalk for example; it is based on the simple idea that you can empower people who own an iPhone to do odd jobs for you using the Gigwalk app. From blogging for kids to taking photos of a popular destination or testing an app for a mobile developer, Gigwalk has it covered and you can earn simply by using your phone.

The whole concept of Gigwalk is not new; in fact, with so many e-lance websites on the internet, there are plenty of opportunities for extra work on the web. However, while these e-places excel in offering jobs to people who want to work from home, Gigwalk takes it a step further by making the work available on your phone itself. There is a video of the way Gigwalk works that you can watch online; or you can also read on to find our exactly how Gigwalk works.

The first step for any enterprising Gigwalker is to download the app on your iPhone and register accordingly. As a beginner, the simplest and most menial of jobs are made available to you. Things like snapping pictures of a restaurant near you, or perhaps writing short snippets about a local park. You can find these odd jobs directly on your phone in the form of red dots on a map. From an accident lawyer office to a coffee shop, nothing is off-limits to the determined Gigwalker. Once you complete a task and upload it, you can get paid for the accepted job directly via Paypal.

Now, what’s great about Gigwalk is that those who complete tasks gradually earn street cred which enables them to access more complicated tasks. This is important because it screens the truly serious worker from those that are only out there for a quick buck. This means that the proven workers are the only ones who can access more serious assignments like, perhaps, doing a beta test for the next version of the temple run game. This is what separates Gigwalk from the other e-lance sites because the tiered system limits the tasks to those who are only certainly capable of completing them.

But in the end, the value of Gigwalk lies in the broad spectrum of odd jobs, from the menial to the serious. There are now Gigwalkers who use their morning commute or lunch breaks to complete jobs allowing them to earn extra money. Imagine; from the simplest picture to the most sophisticated canvas foto, Gigwalk empowers the worker on the street to make more value out of their time by using it to earn. With Gigwalk, there are certainly many opportunities for being more productive using your cellphone, and that is certainly something one can be happy about regardless of their financial situation.

Check out Gigwalk if you want to know more about how it works and if it is for you. Better yet, vote now to improve Gigwalk’s reputation on the web so you can help attract new workers to sign up to Gigwalk, be productive, and earn extra money for themselves. It’s a win-win situation that is certainly worth the effort and all made possible with Gigwalk