How to Utilize your Network of Friends of a New Job

The job market is very stagnant at the moment, people are still recovering from the bad economic climate and still trying to get back onto the employment ladder. That means for each job available, there are hundreds of suitable applicants.

Even though you are applying through websites and advertisements for jobs available, you can also look for an article source to find out who may be hiring and then use your network of friends to your advantage.

Contact Your Friends

What many don’t realize is that they are networking on a daily basis, through Facebook, Twitter and other social media platforms, we spend out days networking, making new friends and catching up with old acquaintances.

Think of contacting your friends about new jobs as finding insurance quotes. The first step is to ensure you know the industries your friends work in and then contact them one by one advising them of your position, that you are available and the job you are looking for. Never only contact one friend and then walk away, you need to contact as many as possible, remember they also have friends that you may not know that may have something for you.
Old Work Colleagues

Make contact with some of your old employers, start with those on your reference list. Ask them if they know of anyone looking, don’t ask them directly for a job, rather ask their advice.

If you are specializing in website design, maybe have an example site ready that you can send as part of your application. People on your reference list are more likely to help you out along with friends you know well, because they know what you are capable of and have no hesitation in putting your name forward to someone who is looking for staff members.

Follow Up

Everyone is really busy juggling work and home, so you can’t expect them all to be like a labrador retriever, predictable and loyal. You need to do the follow up. If one of your friends mentioned that they know of someone, follow up to see if there was any response and if you should be sending off your CV.
Have Your CV Ready

This point cannot be stressed enough, whether you are looking for a job in IT or in window cleaning, always have a CV ready to send at short notice. If one of your references or friends contact you with an email address, send your CV immediately. They may not have advertised the position yet and you may be able to get your foot in the door before they do.
Remind Everyone

Don’t let your friends and references forget that you are looking, don’t harass them, that’s not what I mean, but just offer gentle reminders through regular status updates every few days, keeping the idea in their mind should they hear of something. It’s the same as if you were searching online for coconut oil for face or pikavippi, you now need your network to search and work for you.