Most Popular Online Job Portals

Finding a job these days is so different from years ago. You used to hear about jobs through friends or search the local newspaper, today you need a computer with internet connection to find employment opportunities in your area. Whether it’s a service that has been around for years or a new service, the online job portals offer you a selection of great jobs to choose from.

Paging through hundreds upon hundreds of job sites can be tedious and time consuming. collects data from job websites, boards and classifieds and puts them into one easy portal for you. You can search for specific jobs in certain areas,get more information and then just go for it. This can save you a lot of time and energy in your employment search.

The government has jobs available in a variety of sectors and is their official job site where you can search for specific jobs in certain areas, all avail offers will come up enabling you to apply. lets you find jobs by browsing the selection of jobs posted on the site, you can also get career advice, management tools and even tips on the best way to write your resume. You can then upload your resume ready for potential employers to read and contact you if they feel you are right for the position.

Career Builder

Career builder is one of the most popular job portals and the reason is that you can upload your resume, browse thousands of jobs, get necessary career advice and have jobs arrive in your email according to your resume that you uploaded, taking out all the guess work and making it a simpler, easier and more effective process. Each job offers client history so you can determine if the company is the right choice for you. makes job searches that little bit easier. Type in your specific request, such as Chef, Accountant or Secretary and then watch now as the site brings up all the job sites that will help you in your employment search.
What You Need to Know

Online is the way forward for employment recruitment, it saves companies valuable time and energy and is simplifies the process for you. Before you would need to phone the company after purchasing the newspaper and pouring through all the jobs available. The company would then ask you to email through your resume.

Now you can find the job, upload your resume and wait to hear if you have been successful. Remember companies have thousands of applicants so you need to ensure you have a good resume that highlights your skills and abilities. Keep your resume short and to the point, use bullet points and don’t go into long detail. The finer details can be answered at the initial interview.

The aim of your resume is to spark interest in the potential employer and get them to call you in for an interview. The more resumes you send out the higher your chance is of securing your dream job.